How to Hack Any Computer With Darkcomet RAT | Darkcomet RAT Setup Video Tutorial + No portforward + Free Download

Video tutorial

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Today We Will Learn :-

  • How Can You Hack A Computer ?
  • What is DNS ? And Its DNS Use In RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) 
  • What Is UNPN  ?
  • How to Setup UNPN for RATS ?
  • How To Setup DarkComet ?
  • How to Port Forward TCP/UDP ?
  • Setup Rat Without Port forwarding  
  • List of the Top Ten Rats
Before Starting Please note that this tutorial is only for educational purpose i am not responsible for any of your act done after reading this tutorial 

Many Peoples Now a days were requesting me to write one article on how could they setup a RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) which is used to remotely control the computer,s or in simple words to hack the computers.

         To setup Rat You Must have the basic knowledge of some important things which we will discuss below and many peoples on the internet are searching for how to setup RAT but they are confused of different methods which create,s a nexus and they fail to setup their RAT server but after reading this article i guarantee you that you will be able to setup you rat server.

  1. How Can You Hack A Computer ?
Well Everyone ask this Question and to hack a computer there are many ways of hacking computer by exploiting it and one of the most famous way to hack the computer used by many hackers is to execute the RAT Server in the victim,s computer , once you have executed the server you will be able to control his computer from A to Z mean everything.

 2. What is DNS ? And Use of DNS in RAT ?
DNS Stands for Domain Name Service and we use DNS in our RAT to make our server long lasting even forever and With the help of DNS we can access our slave,s computer for long time untill the DNS wont expire.
       DNS ( Domain Name Server ) plays a middle man role between your Ip Address and The Victim,s Ip Address to transfer the Data And if we use our ip address in the RAT server the RAT server will work and we will be able to hack the pc of victim but as we know that the Ip Address changes with time so when our ip address will be changed we will lose our all of slaves so this is the reason we use DNS because when slave,s computer will send the data like pictures or anything to us it will first send the data to DNS domain name sever and after DNS will verify the our latest Ip Address and after verifying the Ip Address it will send the data to us via our IP.

To make it easy for you i have prepared a drawing for you so you can understand it quiet easily check it.

In this Picture you can see that DNS is playing a middle man role and it only updates our ip address so even if our ip changes with time we have no worries to lose our slaves.

How can you get a DNS service ? 
 You can get a free DNS service and from 

What Is Port Forwarding ? And Its Use in RAT
  Port is a protocol which is used to transfer data from one Ip Address to Another Ip Address and there are two types of Ports which are mentioned below.
  • TCP
  • UDP
   TCP and UDP are two types of Ports which are the backbone to setup your RAT server and we will have to forward both TCP and UDP both of the same number on our computer and also on our router , while many peoples do one big mistake that they only forward TCP/UDP Port on their computer or only on their router so please keep in mind that you have to forward the both TCP/UDP port with same number on your router and also as well as on your computer.

What If You cant Forward the Port ? To Setup RAT 
 If You Cant forward the port to setup RAT due to some reasons then there is one more option lefted for you which is like a wildcard , Yes i will show you how to setup RAT using UNPN function so you can setup Rat without port forwarding.

What is UNPN ? And its Key Role In RAT 
 Universal Plug and Play is a set of networking protocols that permits networked devices to send and receive data on any port which is being used and called by UNPN. As i mentioned that many peoples are having problem in port forwarding so today i will share two methods of setting up rat one with port forwarding and one without port forwarding and both work,s well for me.

Now we have learned almost every basic thing necessary to setup a Rat Server so lets get started.


First Download darkcomet from above and after to forward your port also download auto port forwarding tool so click here " click here to download auto port forwarding tool  " 
To Get Started you should download two things one is RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) and second is NO-IP Client. ( No-Ip) Client will automatically update our ip to the DNS 

For this tutorial i would be using the famous and the most stable RAT Tool " Dark Comet V 5.3 " and i am not providing the link to download so in future you may blame on me for the share of virus so Search on Google to download " Dark-Comet 5.3 ". It is the most stable and working version.

NO-IP Setup 

  • Goto click on Sign Up 
  • Fill Up the Form and chose free Dns 

Step 1  ( Port Forwarding ) 
1. Open CMD and type
After this  you will find the Default GateWay IP address so note down or copy it

 Note:- Every Router has its different gateway theme 

2. Open Web-Browser and type the IP Address in the URL Address BAR and Login GateWay Will Appear.

3. Login to the Router 

Default User and Password,s are 
  • user : admin
  • pass : admin
  • user  : admin
  • pass  : admin123  ( If you fail to login try Googling your router,s default user pass ) or contact the admin

4. After Login find the place to forward the ports like in my router the path is Networking > Forwarding 

5. After Finding the Port Forwarding Section write down your IP V 4 : IP Address which you can also find by typing in cmd " ipconfig "  
  • Write the IP Address in Servers IP BOX
  • Write 1122 port number in begin and end box and select tcp/udp or if you have only one choice then select TCP and after adding the TCP add UDP in the same way.
  • Click Save 

After Forwarding the TCP/UDP port from the Router Now Open DarkComet 
  • Click on Socket TAB

  • Right Click on Socke Handle Boxes and click on Add Port To Listen And Write down " 1122 " port in the box.

  • After Writing the Port Click on Listen and it will start listening
  • Now Goto 

  • If you get the Success in Green it mean you have done it and port is forwarded and now there are 100% chances that your RAT will work. and if you get Error in RED sign saying " Error: I could not see your service on....." Then you have done somthing wrong in forwarding your port on Router. So try to search on Google That " How TO Port Forward on 'your router name'  " 
  • Note that If you are still getting that error please read furthure below we can do one more thing as we can setup rat using UNPN function so please have some patience and move to the UNPN. 

UNPN ( Setup Without Port forwarding ) 
Note :- If you have sucessfully forwarded your port please move to step 2 and leave it 

 Many Routers are enabled with UNPN function but try to check that UNPN is enabled on your router by logging in and checking in the forwarding or networking section.

  • You Must Have Utorrent So download it - Click here 
  • Open Dark-Comet and click on socket 

  •  Now Right Click below the Socket Handle and A box will open so write down 1122 port in that box

  • Note: DO Not Close DarkComet leave it as it is 
  • Now open Utorrent and click on Option > Preferences 
  • Now In This write down the port 1122 in a box near random ports and click on OK 

  • After Clicking OK you have done it now Port is forwarded using UNPN so check it by entering your port in

 STEP 2 ( Creation of Server ) 
  •  To create the server please click on DarkComet-Rat to open Options  
  • After Click on Server Module And then click on Minimalist.

  • Now  A box will appear and you have to type your details in it.

  1.  In Stub Id write your server name 
  2. In IP/DNS write you DNS Address which you created while sign up on
  3. In Port write down the same port you forwarded " 1122 " .
  4. Click on Normal and Chose the path where to save the server and click save.

Step 4 ( Setting UP No-Ip DNS Client ) 

  • Download the NO-IP client by clicking here ( or goto and click on download ) 
  • Now After Downloading Install it and Open it 
  • If you cant find it please search in start menu " DUC " you will get it 

  • Click on Edit Hosts 

  • Chose Your Hosts by click on check box and click on save 
Now Click on Refresh Now and you will see 3 green signals and its a good symbol keep in mind that before starting DarkComet Please Refresh it once because it will update your ip address in your slaves so you can access them and also if you will not refresh your no-ip in 60 days they will delete your account so refresh your noip daily.

Now send the server which you created to any of your victim which you want to hack and after he executes that server on his/her Computer then he will appear on your DarkComet Module and you can control his pc for a long time.

Note that do not try to test the server on your own computer because it will not work on your own computer so try to test it on any,ones computer and the victim must not have Anti Virus because Dark comet is detected by almost every anti Virus so you will have to encrypt your server to make it Undetectable.

I hope you liked my tutorial and you have learned many things from this tutorial and if you face any problem just comment your problem below in the comment box i will replay as soon as possible.


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