How To Make Money Online From Facebook | FanSlave

"Make Money Online With Facebook" may sounds you uneasy as Facebook is a social networking site and one can't earn money from it. But If you are a Facebook freak and addict then here is the best opportunity for you all. Now you can make money online with facebook easily along enjoying your fb life. 


Recently, I encountered one nice money making website known FanSlave. Here Facebook user can easily make out some money from their own Facebook Account. Users need to juts like the Fan Page and they will fill you will real money for that, Isn't it nice?

Just follow the below steps to start making money from Facebook :

1. Register at 
FanSlave and connect your real FB and Twitter Account with it
2. Y will see Account Overview page, Start to like the fanpages and follow on Twitter
3. You will credits accordingly (cash is the half of your credits)
4. When you will 15.00 EUR, you can apply for payment via paypal or alertpay

Note : It will take much time to earn money by just liking the fan pages, You need to refer friends with your own special referral link given and you can see the flow of money in your account. But you need to refer real and long lasting friends, and don't try to cheat them.
Earn More Money With FanSlave :

1. You have to increase your FanRank (10 Fanrank = 6 Eur/day) and according
2. Your initial fanrank will be 1 only, so try to be regular with Fanslave
3. Register more and more real friends which will increase your fanrank too
4. Also connect your Twitter account and start to follow for money

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New Sms spoofing service | Smsian

previuosly i posted about smsglobal

What is SMSian?

SMSian is a global SMS platform where you can send Text Messages to any mobile number from any mobile number in the world FREE of cost. If you are out of your credits, you can complete FREE surveys and get more credits as well.

visit here:
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Hack facebook,yahoo,myspace,twitter,gmail accounts using FUD keylogger | Rinlogger free download

you can read about keyloggers in my previous post

Rinlogger [keylogger + Antilogger ] & 100% FUD

 Download from here
 Download from here
Download from here
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How to bypass antivirus detection | FUD crypter Free download

What is FUD Crypter? Download it for Free
What Is FUD Crypter?
FUD is acronym for fully undetectable.It is a software that can be used to encrypt your exe files.
What is the use of FUD Crypter?
FUD crypters can be used to encrypt viruses,RAT,keyloggers,spywares etc to make them undetectable from antiviruses.You can also read my post on spywares,viruses and worms or How to fool Keyloggers.When these exe files are encrypted with Fud crypters they become undetectable with antiviruses
How Does FUD Crypter Work?
The Basic Working Of FUD Crypter is explained below
The Crypter takes the original binary file of you exe and applies many encryption on it and stores on the end of file(EOF).So a new crypted executable file is created.
Original Exe Crypted Exe
001————- 010                                      101————-110
100|Original File|000->  Cryptor  ->010|Original File|110
010————- 111                                        110————-010
The new exe is not detected by antiviruses because its code is scrambled by the crypter.When executed the new .exe file decrypts the binary file into small the data small pieces at a time and injects them into another already existing process or a new empty one, OR it drops the code into multiple chunks in alternative data streams(not scanned by most a/v) then executes it as a .txt or .mp3 file.
Why Most FUD Crypters Donot Work?
As a FUD crypter becomes popular it also get the eyes of antivirus companies.The antivirus companies update their software and employ detection mechanism that detect the encryption’s by the crypter.So, most of the popular FUD crypter are easily detected by antiviruses.
Note:-Donot test your crypter on as it distributes the samples and your crypter will not remain FUD if you scan with virustotal.
Where can I Download a Free FUD crypter?
As I already mentioned that as the crypter becomes popular it doesnot remain FUD.So the only FUD crypter available are those made by indivuals and they can be found by spending a little time on google by searching.It will not make profit to anybody if I share my FUD crypter here as it will not remain FUD for long as some noobs will surely scan it with virustoal.So,its better you search your own and keep it to yourself.
Note: .netframework should  be installed in your system before running the crypter.

hope you like the post.:)
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How to Detect/check a fake facebook profile

In Facebook, things are not all as it seems: there are people who are under false names, pictures, interests and even friends. You look at their profile and think “something here does not fit.” These characters seek to trick legitimate users the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising, steal personal information or engage in various scams.
We present a few simple rules to identify fake profiles on Facebook and prevent you from falling prey to this schemes. It’s easier than you think.
A fake profile of Facebook users actively seeks out others, sending friend requests, liking pages and posting messages on walls outside.
Here is something that stands out: no friends in common. What do you know about this guy? How did he/she get to you? The typical user of Facebook joins the invitation of a friend or relative, and often conduct their activities in a well-defined network. Unlike the case of people coming for other purposes.

First look at such profile os even more strange because it is a profile made ??quick and running, all mask, which knows little and says nothing about the person by which you can relate. No more pictures of profile, or if more are not related to each other and have not been labeled by other users or applications.

Main Features of Fake Facebook Profiles

1. Profile Photo of some Celebrity / cartoon ( Something Unreal)

Few can resist the temptation to accept the friendship of a good-looking person, especially if the opposite sex and generous areas of skin showing. However, this is the first thing to put on notice. Would the person you know use that picture? You are adding nothing more than junk to your friend list.

2. Single Profile Photo Album

Most fake profiles have only one or two photographs. To give a sense of verisimilitude, the most skilled rogue attempts to fill photo albums of all kinds, but, here’s the problem, the result difficult to get consistent. The images are of poor quality, without descriptions, tags or comments.

3.Too many friends on such Profile

The details of a fake profile, if they have been refilled, are mostly generic and focused on a single topic or set of issues that appeals to a specific audience, and the same applies to the pages. In summary, the fake profile corresponds to a personality extremely boring. But then how is it that has so many friends? A mystery.

4. Analyze the Friend List

Unless you travel a lot or you like learning new languages, the safest thing is you have less than 200 friends and most live less than a thousand miles from home. If the person adds you have dozens of friends scattered all over the world, thinking that it is a fake profile is reasonable.

5. Meaningless and incomplete Profile Information

It generally consists of Friends, Single, Looking for Relationship and profile is Open to all. Even Wall Posts will consist of crappy posts by applications and similar people like you who became victim. These Messages include ” Hello” ” How are you?”, “Do we know each other”, etc. OR Site Advertorials.

What to do if someone adds you do not know

Above all, do not panic! If someone adds you and do not know who he is, because you do not immediately accept the request, is now Facebook allows you to hide the requests instead of rejecting them. Another thing you can do is ask the contact what you know.
And if you prefer not to ask anything, for your name in Google and see what happens. Finally, keep in mind the golden rule of Facebook: just add acquaintances.

How to report Fake Facebook Profile

On Facebook, report and blocking a fake profile is very simple. In the sidebar of the profile in question, click on “Report / block this person” and select appropriate option. You can also block the person (well, you’ll never be able to add).

So, these were some common signals of Fake Facebook profile. As your experience grows, you will become wiser to detect them in just one look.
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How to hack wordpress websites | SQli vulnerability & exploit

There is so many Pepoles using Facebook Connect Wordpress plugin for their blogs. They think it's cool. But it could be a Big Security hole. Here's the way to hack these sites.Step 1 :

Step 2:Now enter this dork to find sites with security hole..


 Step 3: You will find many sites, Select the site which you are comfortable with. 

You will find something like that.

Step 4: Now replace 

with this

Step 5: Now you have the User name and Password.

Step 6: The password is encrypted with Wordpress md5 (blowfish). You need to decode this. 

Step 7: Then find the administrator panel out. Normally it should be in

Note: Decoding this type of password may take a big time.

So you here is another way to hack the password.....

Step 1: Open Havij and paste the blog url you are going to hack..


Step 2: Now find Databases, Tables.

Step 3: Select wp-users then find tick on all columns. Then click on Get Data.

Step 4: You will find something like that..

Step 5: Now select any user and change the user_pass to 


Step 6: Now login with the password hackintruths .

credits to:
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How to hack Wordpress website with Phototrace SQLi vulnerability

Hi here i tell you how to hack wordpress site with easy way i will use exploit to hack sites i saw lots of Messages that say "hey help can anyone can tell me how to hackwordpress" and it's an easy way with exploit ?

First we search with this in google to find sites

see the Result :-

[Image: asdmr.png]

and i'm gonna test 1 of them for ex this find in google

we are going to add the exploit : this is the exploit


and the site look like this,2,3,4,5,concat(user_login,0x3a,user_pass),7,8,9+from+wp_users--

now you can see the user and pass :D ! Just crack the hash and it's done
The admin panel is

[Read More...] Bot | How to earn Cash frequently from

hey guyzz.. is a good system to make money by shrinking links and sharing them to the internet. People click the link, waits the five seconds of ads and then they skip the intermission. That's not bad, if you have a current traffic on your website of 5,000 users per day, and if 2,500 users click one shrinked link, you will win approximately 10$.

What's the problem? Not everyone make 2,500 visits per day. If you want to win some bucks with, take a look at this Bot.

What you need? An account, a good proxy list (if you want to make, for example, 100 real visits on your link, you must have 100 working proxies) and one entire day.

  1. First, let's collect a few hundred of proxies. I recommend you this sitebut there are a lot of good webs for that purpose if you search in the right place. The type of the proxies (Anonymous, Elite or Transparent) doesn't matter, we just need working proxies to load correctly the web. I remind you that if you want 100 visits, you must collect 100 working proxies. Yes, hard work, but really good results. Once you collected as many proxies as you wanted, copy them into a .txt file, one proxy per line.
  2. Second, create approximately 10 links. As many links you create, more difficult will be to make money. Once you created the links, open the program and right click in the blank list space, then click "Add Links". Do this for every link.
  3. Third, time to add the proxies. Check the "Enable Proxies" box and click on the button to search for the .txt file you made. Right, you have it? Let's move to the fourth.
  4. Fourth, delay and reset time. The delay timer represents in how many seconds the program will use another proxy to click the links, the minium you can set in the program is 30 seconds. It's for your secure, minus than 30 seconds will maybe cause in a permanent ban form The reset timer represents in how many seconds will the program starts from zero his proxy list and continue clicking the links. 60 seconds is the minium.
  5. Sixth, you just need to do a right click on the blank space of the link list and select "Start". Relax, and take it easy!
There is no secret on this application, it takes a proxy and it visites for 30 seconds the link/s you entered. Then, it reloads the next proxy and does the same, and again and again. Well, the secret is yours: the proxies you use will make the clicks count, and you will win money.
  • "The program says I made 150 clicks but hasn't got any click" - First, wait for 2 hours. set a 2hr time for its server stats refreshness.
  • "The program says I made 150 clicks but just count a few" - Bad proxies. That's the problem.
  • "----------" - ----------
Download by entering in the full post!
Download 7000 Proxies 


And the proof:

So i hope you like this post. please comment your feedback about this post thanxx for reading.
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How to delete a post from someone's blog if it is copied from your blog ?

How to claim  for copyright ?

Removing Content From Google
This tool will guide you through the process of reporting content that you believe warrants removal from Google's services based on applicable laws. Completing this form will help ensure that we have all of the information necessary to investigate your specific inquiry and resolve it as quickly as possible.

If multiple Google products are affected, please note that you must submit a notice for each affected product.

>just goto this link : 

>fill out your respective options & a Form correctly to claim copyright of ur material

>fillout proper links of ur blog & the link of blog which is copyin your material.

>DMCA will check ur application & if your application is assepted then the copied content will be removed in 24 hours :D

> i have removed 5 posts from different blogs who as copied from my blog :P> if someone is copying content regularly then the blog will be removed permanently from google.

So all copy Cats be Alert This time!!
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