*SandBoxie  (Hackers Most Have)
If you think that you got a tool that maybe is a virus, than open the file with this tool. Sandboxie isolate the program so it cant infect your computer. You can also run sites, webbrowser and windows finder. Every hacker need this!

*Game Booster (Hackers Most Have)
Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts. It works by temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. That means you can keep all the features of Microsoft® Windows Vista® and XP® ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are ready to get down to serious business – gaming. Game Booster makes it simpler to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level. All systems go! 

*AVG Pro for Free (Hackers Most Have)
Download AVG Pro here: 
Install, then AVG ask for a serial enter this:
*PC Tools Spyware Doctor 
If you want a good protected computer, you need a anti-virus ore internet security and this tool!
#You cant update after you have enter a serial for full version#
* Core Temp
WIth this program you can see your Core tempeture. if your core gets hot, core temp will alert you.
*Piriform Recuva
If you have delete something, and also have empty the bin, than you need this tool to recover it. But make sure that you dont download anything after you have delete it. 
If you want to scan a file on virusses than go to the website, upload the file and see the results. Virustotal scan the file with more than 30 anti virus programs!!
*Youtube Downloader 
Download YouTube videos and convert them to various formats (from Ipod format to Xbox format)
7-Zip - File extractor. Download
ABC P.D.F - This software converts PDF files into any other format. Download
ACDsee - A great photo manager.
Adobe Reader - This is a software that allows you to view/read P.D.F files. Downlaod
Adobe Flash Player This software is a web browser plug-in that enables you to view video/movies and animations online. Download
Ares Regular -  The best p2p file sharing software on the market. Download
Ares Vista - A newer version of Ares that agrees with vista and is a little faster than the regular. This software uses a key and it's very hard to get, go to forums to see how to get around this. Download
Audacity - Planning on recording your own podcast (and who isn't, these days?) or creating a customized ringtone from your favorite dance song? You'll need Audacity, the best free audio editor on the internet (we use it to edit the No BS Podcast). Audacity lets you drop in audio files of any format (or record from any hardware source) to cut, copy, and add to an unlimited number of tracks to mix. Built-in effects and pitch adjustment let you manipulate your samples, and  you can output your compositions at up to 96kHz. Sounds good to us. Download
Avast Antivirus - We at Chun's free files consider this to be the best anti-virus software on the  market. Download
Avg Antivirus This is a very good antivirus software. Download                                                                              
Azureus Vuze -  A very fast p2p software. Download
Bearshare _ Chat with friends and share music. Download
Bull Guard - A tough anti-virus programme.Download
CCleaner This software cleans and tweaks your computer. Download
C-Media - This is one of the best sound drivers on the market. Download
CamStudio - CamStudio allows to record videos of your desktop, without your webcam or video enabled camera. Download
CamGrab - Lets you capture another persons Cam while your viewing it. Download

Clone CD - This software makes copies of any type of CDs, even if they have Digital Rights Management.
Clone DVD - This software makes copies of any type of DVDs , even if they have Digital Rights Management.  Download
Daemon Tools - This is a disk image emulator and optical disc authoring programme for Microsoft  Windows. Download
                                                                                       DesktopHedron - DeskHedron is a 3D virtual desktop manager for Windows 2000 and XP. With this application, you can open several windows in different areas of work and switch from one desktop to another with a 3D effect in the shape of a polygon (you can manage until 9 virtual desktops). Download            
Desktop Sidebar - Located on the side of your desktop this software carries little gadgets that are useful in your everyday use. Download
Digsby - Online communication has become too complex. We all use IM, email, and social networks to communicate with each other and sometimes managing it all can be overwhelming. Email and Instant Messaging has become our day to day to apps and Social Networking too finding its way in our daily routing. What if we can have one such Instant Messaging client which lets you to control your Email as well as Social Networking Profile under one roof. Don’t you think it will save our lots of time ?? Well then we have Digsby. One combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts with tabbing feature. Send your friends SMS messages right from the IM window. Manage your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts right from Digsby. Get popup notifications when new email arrives. Stay up to date with everything happening on your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account (other network support coming soon). Download   
Direct x - A multimedia component from Microsoft which boost your sound and graphic.Download                                                                                  
DVD Flick - This is a free video converter program for Windows. It allows its users to burn a DVD or create an ISO image, or alternatively convert video files (such as .avi) into video_ts files which can be burned by another programme.  Download
Firefox - A great web browser. Download
File Splitter and Joiner - Split and joins files. Download
Free Rapid Downloader - This is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services. Simply copy and paste your links from a browser to this application. FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.                                                                                                    Currently supported services are:
* (+ premium ***)
* and
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* (+full new)
* new
* new
* new
* new
* new
* free (+profi) new
* new
* (crypter)
* (crypter)
* (crypter)
* (crypter)
* …others are coming…       Download  
Fruity Loops - This is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It creates Rhythm and Beats and records them.  Download
GIF Animator - The five-star gif animator. Babarosa Gif Animator provides the fast and easy way to create compact gif animations for the web. Animations can be quickly assembled from imported images(13 formats). You can also design animation directly in the program using vector graphics, image, and text edit tools. Palette optimization, data compression and colors reduction give you a possibility to obtain small size GIFs.                       * Build in image editor base on Liatro 2D anti-alias library.
* Cool color quantizer ,provides excellent image quality.
* Powerful optimization engine,reduce Gif file size.
* Supports 13 image formats (BMP,GIF,JPG,MPEG,PCX,PNG,
* Frames Navigator.
* Supports Master Frame.
* Multi frames editor.
* Drag and drop, copy and paste, Undo/Redo.
* Embed image explorer.
* Previews Animation with build-in Viewer or MS Internet Explorer.
* Supports plug-in, You can download plug-in(s) to extend it     Download             
Gimp - When it comes to image manipulation, there’s really only two options right now: Photoshop and Gimp. GIMP doesn’t quite capture the usability and polish of Adobe’s offering, but where it does beat Photoshop is in price—totally free and open source is a whole lot easier on the pocketbook than the $700 or so that a legal copy of Photoshop will run you. And even if it’s not totally perfect, GIMP is full-featured enough for almost any photo manipulation needs you might have. Download

Globe7 - Make calls to landlines or cell phones, and also chat with friends. Download
Google Earth - Allows you to view the earth virtually with satellite images. Download
IconTweaker - IconTweaker is a freeware application that allows you to customize all your Windows icons. Icons are one of main parts of the Windows interface. Customizing them can make your desktop look better and can also improve the usability, because you can make it easier to recognize items. Download   
Internet Download Manager - Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Just insert Rapidshare links and it will download your file for you. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads.Download 
Internet TV - Watch TV on your computer with this software. Download        
I tunes - This is a digital media player application used for playing and organizing digital music and video files. The program is also an interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular ipod digital media players as well as the iphoneDownload
Java Sun Download                 
K-Lite codec -  Contains all codecs needed for windows media player and more. Download
KGB Keylogger -   A keylogger is a hardware device or a software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press. Keyloggers can also be used by a family (or business) to monitor the network usage of people without their direct knowledge. Finally, malicious individuals may use keyloggers on public computers to steal passwords or credit card information. Download
McAfee - A very good anti-virus programme that is mostly used by schools. Download                                                                                          
Microsoft Reader - A great reading software that enables you to view/read (lit) files. Download
Motorola Phone Tools - Allows you to configure your Motorola phones. Download
MSN Hackers Tool - Allows you to unblock your self from people accounts who have blocked you, and obtain their password and IP-addresses. Download
Natural Reader - A narrator type software that reads your documents and can also turn them into .mp3 files for you to play. Download
Nokia Pc Suite A Nokia software that allows you to configure your Nokia phone. Download
Norton Antivirus 09 - A very good antivirus programme. Download                                                                               
Norton Ghost - Allows you to backup your files and clone your hard drive. Download
Online TV -  Allows you to watch online streaming channels. Download
PowerDVD - This Is a commercial media player. It plays your DVDs in the best quality.Download                                                                                    
Power_ISO - This software mounts and burn I.S.O image files. It also converts your regular folders into I.S.O image file. Download
Rapisdshare Time Resetter -  Reset your IP-Address time limit. Download
Recuva This software recovers deleted files and also cleans and tweaks your computer.Download
ReaderWorks - Allows you to create Ebooks.   Download                                                                                  
Real Player - A great media player that allows you to download videos from sites. Example - (youtube). Download
RSD Lite - Flash your moto phone with your favourite firmwares. Download 
Samsung Usb Modem driver -  For Samsung phones. Download                                                                             
Skype - A great messenger that allows you to make video, pc to pc, pc to landlines/cell calls.Download
SopCast - Watch and host channels online. Download                                                                                                                                                                                               
Spybot Search And Destroy - A great spam programme for windows. Download
Stacks Docklet - This docklet emulates the Mac OS X Leopard stacks. It is compatible with Object Dock, Rocket Dock and RK Launcher (others untested/unknown). Download                                                                                           
Style XP 3 (2008) - Tired of your old and boring Windows Theme? Do you want something new and special for you Desktop look? Then use StyleXP! How sleek is your desktop? Style XP unleashes the full potential of your Windows XP desktop by allowing you to download and install XP themes. Themes are available for free from the websites and won't slow your computer down while you work or play! Style XP is not a skinning engine. It uses Microsoft's built-in visual style engine, but enhances it by providing many useful tools. Style XP can import, select, rotate, and manage themes, visual styles, wallpapers, logons, bootscreens, icons, and explorer bar. Future versions may support sounds, cursors, screensavers, and packages of all the above. How does it work? Instead of lines and gradients, the XP user interface natively supports the use of skinned bitmap controls (a visual style). This is Microsoft's own innovation. Style XP includes its own visual styles. Download
ToyCon - ToYcon is an easy to use and fast png to ico convToYcon is an easy to use and fast png to ico convertor. Support for Vista icon(embedded png compression). Download      
Traction Software Screen Grab Pro Deluxe 1.3 - Traction Software Screen Grab Pro Deluxe features One click grab of any screen for ease of use, timer operation, current window selection list. Screen Grab Pro Deluxe supports full window or window region screen capture to file and/or clipboard ready for pasting in your favourite Picture Editor, capture of video windows is now possible, BMP, JPG, GIF, ICO & PDF save support, JPG compression options, change capture scaling, mouse pointer capture support, save with scaling options, auto save filenames with directory path, temp path and file naming support for e.g. date, time filename output. Minimizes to task tray for quick capture, includes balloon tray info support, one key / mouse click capture & configure your own capture shortcut keys.                                                                      Main Features
1. Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008 & Vista
2. Capture full desktop window
3. Capture active windows
4. Capture region area on screen
5. Capture in 32 bit (Millions of colors) or 8bit (256 colors)
6. Capture mouse pointer on screen
7. Capture video windows (overlay)
8. Key press capture
9. Configurable capture keys
10. BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, ICO & PDF output support
11. Clipboard output support
12. JPEG Compression setting support
13. Set output folder for auto capturing
14. Set Temp folder option
15. Picture scaling support and screen capture scaling
16. File naming options, e.g. for outputting file automatically with date and time in image filename
17. Minimizes to task tray
18. Task tray balloon information
19. Quick task tray menu grab support
20. Print last capture support   
True Transparency - TrueTransparency is a freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency. Download                 
Tune Up Utilities - A group of softwares put together to make a good programme that service your computer. Download
TVU Player -The best internet TV software on the market. Watch your favourite cable channels and also some great internet ones. Download
Ultra_ISO - This is a software that like poweISO mounts, burn and creates I.S.O image files. Download
Winamp  - A great media player that allows you to watch internet TV and listen internet radio.Download                          
Windows Live Messenger - Chat with friends online. Download
Windows Media Player 11 - Play music and video files with this Microsoft multimedia software. Download
Windows Media Player 12 - It is planned to supply together with Windows 7. Unfortunately Microsoft does not plan to let out this earlier than the official start of Windows 7, and it does not make unhappy people which want to use the newest version of Windows Media Player.Download 
Winrar -  File extractor. Download
Yahoo Messenger 9 - Chat with your yahoo friends online with this new and improved yahoo messenger. Download
Zone Alarm -  A great internet security software. Download



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