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0 Remcos Rat 2019 [ Setup Guide + Tutorial ]

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2 Loki v1.8 Botnet | All Browser Stealer | Keylogger | Resident Loader | Pony Stealer 4.0

Loki Bot - Resident Loader and Password Stealer Demo Video

 Loki Bot is resident loader and password Stealer. It comes with wallet checker (coin inspector, read below). It can steal passwords from browsers, ftp/ssh, e-mail and poker clients. Written in C++. Works on Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Linux. UAC bypass.

Panel Screenshot.


Loader features:

- Startup (resident loader)
- Download & Run (exe | dll)
- Download & Drop
- Update bot
- Uninstall bot
- Get password from bot per request
- Geotargetting, load to selected country
- Set reconnect interval
- Get screenshot

Supported Browsers:

- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox (x32+x64)
- Google Chrome
- K-Meleon
- Comodo Dragon
- Comodo IceDragon
- SeaMonkey
- Opera
- Safari
- CoolNovo
- Rambler Nichrome
- RockMelt
- Baidu Spark
- Chromium
- Titan Browser
- Torch Browser
- Yandex.Browser
- Epic Privacy Browser
- Sleipnir Browser
- Vivaldi
- Coowon Browser
- Superbird Browser
- Chromodo Browser
- Mustan Browser
- 360 Browser
- Cyberfox (x32+x64)
- Pale Moon
- Maxthon browser
- Citrio Browser
- Chrome Canary
- Waterfox
- Orbitum
- Iridium

Supported FTP/VNC clients:

- Total Commander
- FlashFXP
- FileZilla
- FAR Manager
- CyberDuck
- Bitvise
- NovaFTP
- NetDrive
- NppFTP
- FTPShell
- SherrodFTP
- FTPBox
- FtpInfo
- Lines FTP
- FullSync
- Nexus File
- JaSFtp
- FTP Now
- Xftp
- Easy FTP
- NETFile
- Blaze Ftp
- Staff-FTP
- DeluxeFTP
- FTPGetter
- AbleFTp
- Automize
- RealVNC
- TightVNC
- Syncovery
- mSecure Wallet
- SmartFTP
- FreshFTP
- BitKinex
- UltraFXP
- FTP Rush
- Vandyk SecureFX
- OdinSecure FTP Expert
- Fling
- ClassicFTP
- Maxthon browser
- Kitty(login+private key)
- WinSCP
- Remmina RDP
- WinFTP
- 32Bit FTP
- FTP Navigator

Supported E-mail clients:

- Outlook (2003-2016)
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Foxmail
- Pocomail
- Incredimail
- Gmail Notifier Pro
- SNetz Mailer
- Checkmail
- Opera Mail
- FossaMail
- MailSpeaker
- yMail

Supported IM clients:

- Pidgin

Password managers:

- EnPass
- KeePass
- 1Password
- AI RoboForm


Full Setup : $200 ( This includes hosting for 1 month & 2 times crypting fud )

Updates are free. Prices include support.

Payment methods:

PM ( Perfectmoney )
BTC ( Bitcoin )


Email :

Skype: devzcyberarena 

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1 Internet Download Manager (IDM)v 6.23 | Full Version Free download | Patch +keygen | 2015

Today i am Providing you a 100% Working Internet Download Manager With Working Crack and Patch+ Keygen, all Instructions are include

Internet Download Manager IDM 6.23  Full Version + Patch + keygen 
Internet Download Manager IDM 7 Full Version With Crack/Patch/Serial Key Free Download.

 Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Version 7 adds Windows 8 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 10 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

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6 Hawkeye Keylogger Cracked Free Download | Free Tutorial | 2015 | How to Hack Emails & POP3

How to Setup a keylogger for Free | Hawkeye keylogger Tutorial | Free Download

Hello Readers, Today i am Going to provide you a Free Tutorial on How to Use Hawkeye keylogger
with Free Download link. As This keylogger is a paid Dont worry It has been Cracked Successfully and i will provide you a cracked version of latest Hawkeye Keylogger which is clean.

Keyloggers are used to Track all your Keystrokes in your system Mostly used for Parental Purpose and also For Spying Purpose , and Keylogger is one of the Best Technique to Hack Facebook , Gmail or any other Login account on your system , This Keylogger will Silently Record all your System Keylogs and Send on your Desired Email id or FTP.The attacker make a executable by using keylogger and send it to victim. As soon as victim opens that file his account gets hack. So here i am sharing an awesome keylogger tool with you named HawkEye Keylogger for Free.  By the way its price is 35$ But on my blog you will get it for free.

How to setup Hawkeye Keylogger using Following steps:

Download Files

1. Starting
Double click the Builder .
But in case you get the following error:

[Image: OU5isGI.png]
Then it means you need to install Dot Net Framework 4.0, which can be found here: CliCk
Once installed restart your computer & you're ready to go then Thumbsup

2. Delivery Options
HawkEye Keylogger is providing you three types of deliveries, delivery of logs via email, via ftp, via php, selecting php can be the best idea if you're targets are good computer operators.
a) Click on PHP;
b) Enter link of data.php file where you've uplaoded it. (you'll get this file with the package & you need to upload it on any website).

Contact me if you need Bullet proof hostings/Cpanel for Keylogger , botnet hostings skype: devendra.saini21 or email :
c) Enter delivery time, if you're going to have a lot of targets then selecting maximum time period would be better, in my case I'll get my logs every 30 minutes.
d) Click on Test, if successful it'll give you a message & a file will be uploaded in the directory where data.php file was uploaded.

Spoiler (Click to Hide)
[Image: tNqeA7F.png]
e) If you want to use the same option for future builds then click this option so you won't have to give your delivery information again & again 
Spoiler (Click to Hide)
[Image: OSbACtt.png]

3: Keylogger Options
Go to OPTION#1 & tick mark your required options, i.e.;
a) Stealers = Going to steal saved passwords of your targets.
b) Keystrokes = Obviously you'll have to tick mark Keylogs which is probably the main function of this keylogger.
c) Spreaders so that you'll be automatically getting new targets with the help of your infected victims (your stub will be spreaded via usb & p2p)
d) It's optional but good option to be selected which is going to erase the history of users' browsers so that they'll have to type every website once again.

(Assuming you're going to Crypt your stub so we haven't selected startup option & we've skipped many other options which like disablers, downloader, icon changer, assembly information changer, etc as they'll all be available in almost any crypter which you can chose while crypting your stub)

4. Building Server.exe
Navigate to Builder &;
a) Accept the terms;
b) Click on BUILD in order to generate your keylogger file.

[Image: ltkxVHn.png]
Give any name & click on Save.

Everything has been done now Crypt your server file & tick mark startup option within your crypter & everything will be in your hands then 

I'll be introducing you the remaining options via video tutorial in case you don't want to crypt the server (although not recommended) & use it as it is 

Contact skype: devendra.saini21 

Bulletproof hosting/Formgrabbers/zeus/Pony/Silentexploits/RDP/FUD crypters/RAT setup/VPS/ much more

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0 How to update Windows 8 to windows 10 | Tutorial | Free

Hellow every one , this is a small Tutorial to update your windows 10 from an existing windows 8 machine here are three simple steps to do that:

Goto Control panel > system and security > windows update 

- Enable Automatic Updates
- Launch Command Prompt in Administrator mode
- Enter command: wuauclt.exe/updatenow

Thats it now wait until it gets updated and enjoy the New windows 10 from microsoft.

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0 How to Bypass facebook phone number verification while Registration [Tutoiral]

Hey guyz I am posting after a long time .

If you want to make an ID not for personal puposes but for only testing , botting , spreading purposes then this trick is useful .

At the time of registration process this is applicable.

Today i'll show you how to register with Bypassing the Phone Number Verification Section on FACEBOOK!

I'm sure that you will like this trick

First register in Gmail,yahoo,hotmail ..etc 

Then go to Facebook Page [Logged out]

[Image: 36d1ba77b7.png]

Register as usual fill the details but in the email section

use from the domain names below :

They works well!
& now
 Success! when Facebook redirects you to the home page you will see a header bar that you need to confirm your email, so there will be a change email address link

So now change your email that you registered, to the Gmail that you created first and it will be CONFIRMED so in this situation we Bypassed the Phone Number Verification 

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0 BetaBot 2015 | Botnet setup | Bulletproof hosting | Download |Builder | Bin | Formgrabber | DDos | Botnet Shop

Hello Guys..

I am selling betabot builder + Full setup  + bulletproof hosting & domain + Full support

Video Demo :

Price are below :

Betabot builder +bin +cpanel hosting with setup = 150$

Only betabot builder + panel = 50$

Free FUD crypting 0/35

Payment method :
Perfect money

Contact Skype : devendra.saini21
email :

Have a look at some panel screenshot and features :

Inside Betabot Panel Version

Betabot is a publicly sold bot. It is priced competitively at $500.00 BTC/LTC/Perfect Money as of 5-10-2014. The panel requires ionCube Loader 5.4 also the bot does not come with a builder just binary file that can be locked up to 16 domains. Betabot has a formgrabber for Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome but unlike most bank bots Betabot does not have web-injects. Though Betabot can force Internet explorer to be the default browser that could allow cracked legacy banking bots such as Zeus, SpyEye, ICE IX, Citadel, Carberp to have a new prolonged life. Also note plugins are planed in the future and will cost additional money.
I have made the following video on my YouTube channel showing Panel.

Sales Page

Core Features

  • Form Grabber
    When specified sites are detected, Betabot will pull any relevant forms as they are sent, and export details to the main panel. In order for the Form Grabber to work, you must specify filters on the panel. When creating filters, the use of wildcards (*) are supported.
    • FireFox (Normal and SSL and SPDY)
    • Internet Explorer (Normal and SSL)
    • Google Chrome (Normal and SSL)
  • x86/64 Userkit
    Userland rootkit for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems allows the bot to remain untouchable to other bots and basic user interference. Innovative technique for intercepting system calls on x86 systems allows for better compatibility with other bots. All hooks made will be restored if removed and general unhooker removes 3rd party hooks on sensitive NT service stubs.
  • AntiVirus Disabler
    Using multiple methods removal methods, Betabot is able to remove or disable over 30 different Anti Viruses from user mode. On Vista and 7, elevation is required for this function to work properly. To help achieve maximum efficiency, a custom social engineering tactic (written in 12 languages) is used to trick the user into elevating the bot process. This method has proven to be roughly 70% - 80% effective when attempting to elevate privileges.
  • Anti-Malware (Botkiller)
    Complex heuristic-based anti-malware component allows for thorough removal of not only major/common malware used in PPI ventures and more. Suspicious autostart items, files, processes and injected code will be removed/disabled when possible. Special options to target BTC/LTC miners is available.
  • DNS Blocker/Redirector
    The domain name modifier allows domains to be forced to resolve to any IP provided, or flat out blocked. All popular browsers/desktop applications supported.
  • Live FTP/POP3 grabber
    Network data interception allows FTP and POP3 logins over non-SSL connections to be intercepted and recorded in real time. Additionally, SSH logins made from PuTTY client are recorded and reported to the server.
  • File Search
    Ability to search all files on local hard disks for certain terms or files with certain names/extensions. Additionally, directories can be excluded from the search. Files matching search parameters will be uploaded to the C2 server.
  • Proactive Defense Mode
    Special self-defense mode that can be toggled on and off. When turned on, this will block most known methods of code injection and other malware-related activity to ensure only betabot is in control.
  • General bot defense
    Using a myriad of different concepts, betabot protects itself from removal/tampering. Areas of protection include process, autostart and file protection. Betabot is highly resistant to code injection, file removal and unhooking.
  • Additional features:
    • File Size < 150kb
    • Config Editor to edit builds -- Change group names
    • Block Bootkit Installation of some Bootkits (Mainly Rovnix(Carberp)). Can be toggled on/off from the panel.
    • Multi Server Support for up to 16 different servers. Different configurations are possible for each individual server.
    • Four different DDoS methods. Various settings to change. Uses local information to attempt to randomize headers in HTTP Floods.
         Rapid Connect/Disconnect
         HTTP GET
    • Experimental Ruskill - Using an active Sandbox-like, Betabot will attempt to sequester specified programs and roll back any changes made by them after Running. This feature is currently in development and may not work on some bots.
    • USB Autorun - When enabled, Betabot will add itself to any USB drive inserted into the machine using LNK-File swap techniques.
    • SOCKS4 Server - Turn your bots into dedicated SOCKS4 proxies. You may set the port as well as the duration. Supports UPnP.
    • FTP Stealer harvests live FTP logins as they happen in real time.
    • Anti Virus Checker allows you to enter your Scan4You account info into the panel and makes use of the S4Y API for quick and easy scanning, straight from your own panel.
    • Various Rudimentary Antis To help maintain the integrity of Beta Bot and to protect various pieces of vital code, Beta Bot makes use of multiple anti debugging and anti dumping methods.
    • Download / Update / Uninstall / etc - Basic commands expected of all bots. Supports DLLs and JAR files.
    • Execute system shell commands
    • Additional User Accounts - Ability to create additional user accounts to access your panel. Fully customizable access levels.
    • Advanced Search Options to locate specific bots quickly and easily.

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    • how to get betabot v
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7 RAT Setup Service Mentoring | Darkcomet/Cybergate/Any RAT | 100% FUD Crypting | Spreading Methods

This Service is Fully Done For educational Purpose only.

 What is RAT ?

As i have told you i RAT is Remote Access trojan. It is a peace of software or program which hacker uses to get complete control of your computer. It can be send to you in form of images, videos or any other files. Their are some RAT that even your antivirus software can not detect.
full Pc hack!!! 

What You Can do With RAT ?

Once a RAT is installed on any computer hacker can do almost anything with that computer. Some malicious task that you can do with RAT are listed below:
  • Hack Facebook Accounts 
  • Infecting Files
  • Installing Keyloggers
  • Controlling Computer
  • Remotely start webcam, sounds, movies etc
  • Using your PC to attack Website (DDOS)
  • View Screen

 Harmless RAT or Good RAT

As you have seen how harmfull RAT are for your computer, but their are some good RAT which some of you might be using daily. You might have heard of TeamViewer, it is a software which you use to control some one's computer with his permission for file transfer, sharing your screen and more.

 Some Commonly Used RAT

  • ProRAT
  • CyberGate RAT
  • DarkComet RAT

    What is FUD?

    Fud  Fully undetectable . It is a technique to Bypass Antivirus installed in a victim machine.The Rat can be exectued in machine with any antivirus and still the person can be hacked.
This Is NOT A Free R.A.T Setup Service
Post Below With Your Issue And I Will Help You Out.
From Setting It Up, To Advice
Just Follow The Guideline Below For Help
Otherwise Your Request Will Be Ignored ~ SEE YOU SOON!

DarkComet (All Versions)
BlackShades (All Versions)
CyberGate (All Versions)
Advice & Tips

How To
Follow This Format -
"R.A.T I Need Help With:"
"Description Of My Problem:"


10$ >> RAT Setup + Full support

15$ >>
RAT Setup + Full support  + FUD crypting

 +Spreading methods + Test Slaves

Everything Will be Done on Teamviewer

Payment Methods :


Perfect Money


Skype : devendra.saini21

Terms Of Service

No Refunds
Payments half before Setup the other half after Setup.
No Chargebacks.
 My terms of service must be followed and i will make myself clear once to ensure future problems: I am not responsible at all with what you do after i have performed the RAT setup for you. I can choose to change the T.O.S anytime.

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0 How to Register IDM for free | How to crack IDM | Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.20 full with crack patch and activator

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.20 build 2, Crack and Patch

Internet download manager (IDM) is a very useful download acceleration tool with file segmentation technology to accelerate your downloads of video, music, document and other important files. IDM increases download speed by up to five times with resume and schedule capacity. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages are outstanding for individuals. Seamless integration into major browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera is considered to be very useful and through which IDM handles your downloads automatically.

Whats new in Version 6.20 build 2?

  1. Added support for Firefox 32 and SeaMonkey 2.28
  2. Fixed video recognition problems in Google Chrome
  3. Fixed bugs

100% clean Download here
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Internet Download Manager 6.17 build 8 Final
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